Monday, June 27, 2016


One of the things that the trolls like to say is that because I am a Youtube Partner and I make “money” from Youtube, everything I post must be fake.  

First of all, and this is probably the most important point, it is absolutely no one else’s business or concern if I make “money” off of Youtube or not.  Television Networks show video of real events, and they make money, (real money, not Youtube “money”)  does this mean that the news is fake because the networks make money off of it?  Of course not.  So why is it any different for me and other Youtube channel like myself.

You will notice that I put parenthesis around Youtube “money”.  The reason I did that is that I earn such a little amount of money of of Youtube, that it is not worth my time to be making fake videos.  I certainly am not earning enough to pay for the high end special effects that would be required to fake my videos.  Now perhaps some people would consider earning a few hundred dollars a month off of Youtube as a lot of money, but I don’t.  I earn more than that in a day in my job.  I am not bragging about my income, just putting things into perspective.

Now, why do I have my ads on my channel?  Well because Youtube is going to put ads on my channel either way, so I may as well take a cut of some of that money, as little as my cut is.  Why do I have a paid channel?  Well, quite a number of my viewers wanted a bit more than they were getting off of the free channel, like live streams, etc.  So I decided what the hell, I’ll make a paid channel that I spend a bit more time on doing live streams, video diaries and upload the videos in 4K resolution and if anyone wants to watch those videos, they can pay a small monthly fee.  No one has a gun put to their head to subscribe to the paid channel.  Yet I still get quite a few comments about “how dare I charge” to watch my videos.  I guess those people do everything in their life for free and don't charge anyone anything.  They must be saints.

Lastly, whilst I am not going to go into the intimate details of my financial situation or personal background, I will say this.  Everything I have in life, I have earned myself through hard work.  I never had anything handed to me.  I grew up with divorced parents and my mother never worked and was on welfare her whole life.  I never was homeless, or had to eat dirt to survive, but I sure as shit didn’t have much more than that.  I started working a part time job through high school at 14, and have always worked since.  Through years of hard work and striving to succeed, I do own a Porsche, in fact two of them now as I just bought my other half a Porsche last week as well.  So I have three words to say to those trolls that say I am scamming people or ripping people off by monetising my videos, and that is GO FUCK YOURSELF.  Get off your ass and make some money instead of spending all your time on the internet trolling on Youtube Channels.  For those that support my channel by either clicking on ads occasionally and especially my paid subscribers, I say thank you very much for the support.


  1. Ken, plz plz plz do a video or blog letting us know if you're ok! I am sooo worried about you. It could just be a 30-60 sec video or blog even, just to say something like "I'm ok. Something weird is happening....but I'm ok". Or maybe everything's not ok & u need help or someone to talk to. If anyone would understand WE would. God bless you Ken. πŸ’™

  2. You need to get out of there what you have is a shadow person trust me on this ever since I was a small child i could see them all even if they diddnt want to be seen , anyway shadow people they come in many forms of dark mass with white,red and yellow bright eyes the danger of them is extreme i experienced one when i was arond 10 and i was watching a movie on my portable dvd player i had just finished dinner and i put it on my table and i was sitting on the bed with my back against the wall all of a sudden all the lights went out for a split second all i hear is this loud bang directly next to my head after that all the lights tuned ot i look next to my head and the stake knife that was on my plate was pegged it the wall that was only the beginning it would visit our drems and scare us that much that the tips or our har where turning grey then after i was scratched from my shoulders to my feet 3 sraight lines going down we moved and it hasnt ever gotten that bad since im so glad but we are the lucky ones sometimes they follow you sometimes they are bound to the house call me crazy but all the best people are !

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